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10 Torr Distilling & Brewing Section

Our Story

10 Torr Distilling & Brewing is owned and operated by a handful of engineers. We aren’t just using the best technology on the market, we’re the ones building and modifying it from scratch. Our hand-built, proprietary vacuum distillation process occurs at extremely low pressure. We distill without heat thus eliminating unwanted chemical reactions, allowing for a smoother, cleaner, finer tasting spirit. We are very proud that we’re one of a handful of distilleries in the world who vacuum distills (also known as cold distillation), and the only one known to produce all products directly from grain to can.

Our precision crafted beers are made to showcase the pure flavors you get from grown hops and malt. We clarify our beer through a centrifuge to best protect the aromas and flavor without adding chemical fining agents. Advanced design, controls and technique are used every step of the way to create the best beer possible.